Be a better web writer in 5 easy steps

Posted by admin on August 26, 2015 at 9:27 am
Stpehen King

After hours (and hours) of research into what makes great web copy, we’ve come up with the TOP 5 easiest ways to improve your writing … Starting with your very next sentence.


  1. Ditch the clunky old-fashioned words. You know the ones: whilst, and however, and therefore and whomever. Golden rule: if it doesn’t roll off your tongue, it shouldn’t roll off your keyboard, either. These words are like floppy disks. We just don’t use them anymore. Plus, chances are, readers under the age of 30 won’t have even heard of them. And while you’re editing, take out that. Please.


  1. Keep sentences short. And paragraphs too. Start with a short sentence. End with one. Make a simple point and keep moving. The benefit of the short sentence is word economy. Plus, by default, you’ll sound chattier and less formal which is the exactly the kind of copywriting that’s perfect for the internet.


  1. Read out loud before you publish. Why? Because if you can easily read your own writing out loud then it’s a good indication that it flows, has a good tempo and makes sense. Also … reading out loud kind of slows your brain down, so you are more likely to spot errors. And this brings me nicely to the next point….


  1. Spell check. No matter how good you think you are, and no matter how many times you read out loud, it is just not sensible to proof your own web copy. Spelling mistakes make you look totally unpfrossional. See? And with one little typo you will have undone all the hard work you put into research and sentence construction and editing. Take. The. Time.


  1. Always include a call to action. Good web copy needs to convert. Although it is not always easy getting people to do what you want, so be sure to include clear instructions and benefits. For example, if you found this blog useful, then go ahead, BE AWESOME and let me know.


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